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Satureja douglasii

Yerba Buena

Low growing viney mint which makes a tasty herbal tea and grows best in somewhat moist dappled shade often under shrubs in the coastal scrub or under Pines and Huckleberry. -Paul

Medical uses:
When brewed in a tea it can be used for upset stomachs, and when mixed with parsley and Yerba Santa it can be used to treat arthritis. It is also a pain reliever, when chewed and pressed against the gum and teeth it can lessen the pain of a toothache. Another useful aspect is it can be used as a topical treatment for rashes and prickly heat. -Estelle

Tiny white flowers.

Hiding below the coastal sage scrub at McNee Ranch State Park, Montara Mountain foggy coastal bluffs in October. .

Sometimes they take on purple leaves in drought and probably particular soil conditions, Cull Canyon, East Bay.

Check availability of Satureja douglasii at the nursery
Check availability of Satureja at the nursery