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Be sure to try these search tips:

1. Use the singluar, not the plural.

- e.g. search for [oak], not [oaks]

2. Shorten your search term:

- Try: [trit] instead of [triteleia] or [rhod] rather than [rhododendron]

- And: [festuca cal] works just as well as [festuca californica]

3. Cultivar names are tricky with quotes, so just use the cultivar name alone:

- [manzanita 'dr. hurd'] doesn't work, but [hurd] will get you there.

4. Try both the latin name *and* common name search boxes. Remember, spelling counts.

5. Try this custom google search (although it's often too general):

only search baynatives.com

-google only archives the gallery pages and the featured plants on the home page, not the whole plant list. On the home page result, everything on the featured list will come up which doesn't narrow things down.

6. Look in the gallery index - we might have photos and a description but nothing available now or maybe we have a similar genus but not that species.

7. Try loading the full plant list (give time for it to load) and use your browser's search function (usually control-f) to locate terms and alternate names in the descriptions.

8. Explore the options button, between the two search boxes, to categorize by type: perennials, shrubs, trees, vines, grasses, ferns, bulbs, annuals, then browse the categories. Once switched, this allows searching for non-plant items like gift certificates, soil, mulch, planter pots, etc.

9. Give us a call at (415) 287-6755 and ask.

10. View the entire inventory in plain text csv format which you can import to excel.

Didn't find it? Try our search tips.