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Native Shrubs


berry: Amelanchier alnifolia  Serviceberry   
Deciduous shrub to small tree with showy white flowers in spring, tasty fruit in summer.  
(4)  1 gal   18.00 
(1)  15 gal   200.00 

berry: Vaccinium ovatum  Evergreen Huckleberry, fruit  Oakland 
Succulent winedark berries (reputedly the tastiest of all native berries) emerging from the distinctive vase-shaped ericaceous flower, and luscious red new foliage maturing into deep shades of green -- behold the textural symphony of California huckleberry. Extremely adaptable to sun or shade, water or drought, wind or fog, this is a long favorite of savvy gardeners. Try planting it in an old tree stump, and watch it propsper! You'll need two plants to cross-pollinate and set fruit and they fruit more in the sun. 
(19)  3" rose pot   4.00 

Exotic Edible Species


berry: Fragaria 'Albion'  Albion Strawberry   
Selection from California farms is ever-bearing with very sweet fruit. 
(14)  4" pot   3.00 
(2)  six-pack   8.00 

berry: Fragaria 'Sequoia'  Sequoia Strawberry   
Berries throughout the warm seasons. 
(4)  six-pack   8.00 

berry: Fragaria ananassa 'Elan'  Elan Strawberry   
(6)  1 gal   8.00 

berry: Fragaria vesca 'Alexandria'  Alexandria Wood Strawberry  Europe 
Runnerless strawberry with unique Lime green foliage. Fruits from Summer till Fall. 
(3)  1 gal   14.00 

berry: Fragaria vesca 'Golden Alexandria'  Wood Strawberry  Europe 
Runnerless strawberry with unique Lime-gold foliage. Fruits from Summer till Fall. 
(6)  2" rose pot   3.00 
(16)  4" pot   5.00 

berry: Vaccinium 'Pink Lemonade'  Pink Lemonade Blueberry, fruit   
(2)  5 gal   55.00 

berry: Vaccinium x 'Misty'  Misty Blueberry, fruit   
Requires only 300 chill hours to set sky-blue, medium large, very sweet fruit that matures early, from midsummer through fall. Attractive blue-green foliage remains evergreen in mild winters or turns brilliant red before falling in cold climates. -Monrovia 
(2)  1 gal   16.00 

berry: Vaccinium x 'O'Neal'  O'Neal Southern Blueberry  Suncrest 
Deciduous evergreen shrub that flowers in Spring. Has showy white flowers. It gives off big tasty blueberries in the Summer.  
(1)  1 gal   18.00 

berry: Vitis vinifera  Wine Grape, berry   
Rarely available reclaimed 40-year-old wine grape vines. 
(3)  24" box   400.00 

Exotic Edible Species continued...


berry: Vitis vinifera 'Interlaken'  'Interlaken' Green Table Grape, berry   
Seedless Green Table Grape that is early ripening, so good for our cool climate. 
(2)  5 gal   60.00 

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