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Native Perennials


Monardella odoratissima  Mountain Pennyroyal  Sierra 
A climbing pennyroyal that also spreads by runners, this smaller-leafed specimen has the sweetest smelling foliage of them all. 
(6)  2" rose pot   2.00 
(7)  5" tree band   6.00 
(5)  4" pot   6.00 

Monardella villosa  Coyote Mint   
A semi-woody shrub/perennial that fits in the Coastal Sage Scrub habitat similar to Sticky Monkeyflower but a bit smaller. The fragrance of the delicate leaves is minty but a bit skunky. Hummingbirds like them. 
(8)  1 gal   13.00 
(2)  2" rose pot   3.50 
(1)  4" pot   7.00 

Monardella villosa x purpurea (Monardella subglabr  Mint Bush  San Luis Obispo 
A bright and broad-leaved hybrid (naturally occuring, found in SLO) of M. villosa and M. purpurea. This 2' x 2' bushy and drought-tolerant specimen looks particularly lush throughout the long dry summer and it serves up a a rolling bloom of violet flowers throughout the summer and fall (provided that spent flowers are removed as they fade). Needs well draining soil and full sun. Tolerates sand. 
(1)  1 gal   14.00 

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