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Native Perennials


Mimulus cardinalis  Scarlet Monkeyflower   
Native to wetlands throughout the American West, this red-flowering favorite will thrive in a watered sunny garden. 
(1)  4" pot   5.00 

Mimulus cardinalis 'Maroon'  Scarlet Monkeyflower   
This form has a purple/maroon throat and deep red flowers. This species likes sun and water, even with it's feet in water. 
(1)  1 gal   12.00 

Mimulus cardinalis 'Santa Cruz Island Gold'  Golden Channel Islands Monkeyflower  Seed from Santa Cruz Island via Tilden Botanical G 
This is the golden-flowering form of the (usually) scarlet monkeyflower. A wetland species, it needs garden water to be happy in cultivation. Grown from seed collected by Glenn Keator and introduced into the trade by the Tilden Botanical Garden. 
(2)  1 gal   12.00 

Mimulus floribundus  Many-flowered Monkeyflower  South Bay 
Miniature variation on the yellow annual with leaves more like cardinalis. It's native to wet places and thrives in a watered sunny garden. 
(1)  3" rose pot   4.00 

Mimulus guttatus  Seep-spring Monkeyflower   
This is really an annual but it'll survive in a coastal climate and reseeds so readily that it never goes away given some water. It's native to seeps and very wet places and thrives in a watered sunny garden. 
(3)  1 gal   8.00 
(21)  4" pot   6.00 
(6)  2" rose pot   2.00 

Native Shrubs


Mimulus aurantiacus  Sticky Monkey Flower   
Long blooming drought tolerant shrub about 3 foot tall and wide. This is a major component of bay area coastal scrub and even the edges of redwood forests where it tolerates some shade. Mid-summer brown leaves and leggy stems can be tamed with pruning but even unkept, they just keep blooming. Great for hummingbirds and bumblebees. Deer resistant. Larval food for the Variable Checkerspot butterfly. 
(1)  1/2 oz seed   15.00 
(1)  seed   100.00 
(1)  2 gal   22.00 

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