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Erysimum franciscanum

Native Perennials


Erysimum franciscanum  Franciscan wallflower   
This bright, fragrant, and rare denizen of San Francisco's open spaces (Twin Peaks, Mount Davidson, Bernal Hill, and others) makes a charming addition to the mixed flower bed. White flowers, enchanting scent, and the irresistable solidarity of bolstering populations of local endangered species. An uncommon local perennial 1-2 feet tall with fragrant yellow- to cream-colored flowers, found on serpentine outcrops and occasionally in coastal dunes. In the garden, it likes full sun and requires excellent drainage. 
(8)  1 gal   12.00 

Erysimum franciscanum var. crassifolium  Dense-leafed Franciscan wallflower   
A more densely-leafed varient of the Franciscan wallflower, generally with a bloom more yellow than cream. 
(1)  2 gal   0.00 

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